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    DUNA FILMS INTERNATIONAL (DFI) INC. is the live action, communication and advertising division of Comet Entertainment Inc. DFI is a centralized global equity umbrella fund created for the purpose of sponsoring ancillary, separate, limited partnerships to maximize capital appreciation.


    This is done by bundling of diverse private equity investments, based on the assumption that diversity of investments lessens portfolio risk and optimizes return on capital. Fund Investments include, but will not be limited to, sports and entertainment, infrastructure, product placement, technology and all related forms of intellectual property.



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    VITAMIN CARTOONS INC. is an animation service corporation which provides high quality pre-and post-production services for the audiovisual industry.

    Vitamin Cartoons is a key content developer in the market, utilising the skills and experience of some of the most talented artists.

    Its approach to the world of film production services is based on a thorough knowledge of the audiovisual production industry, gained through the production of acclaimed series and feature films.Vitamin Cartoons Inc. provides:

    • Concept development

    • Character, background, prop creation, design and development (Mouth charts,  poses, expressions, construction, rotations)

    • Layout

    • Special effects designbahiaLineas

    • Stock breakdown planning

    • Storyboards • Slugging

    • Track breakdown

    • X-sheets

    • Lip assignment

    • Colour styling

    • Story-reel

    • Animatic

    • Production direction

    • Animation direction

    • Creative consulting

    • Content Creation & developmentTV2Col

    • Script writing

    • Script & story editing

    • Music • Picture editing

    • Sound editing (dubbing, sfx, foley & mix)

    • 2D animation

    • 3D animation

    • Flash (streaming & broadcast)

    • Web design

    • Web episodes

    • Online games

    • e-cards



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