The publication of The Animation Process is doubly cause for celebration. In the first place, professionals in the field are sure to welcome the appearance of a work that illuminates a complex subject only a few authors, to date, have been willing to address.Secondly, this delightful and informative book is written in Spanish rather than English, the industry Standard; as a result, a great number of professionals and aficionados will have access for the first time to a rigorous treatment of the subject in their Mother tongue. Ms. Benítez comprehensive study covers the entire animation process from the difficult initial stages, in which store and design concepts are developed and budgets decided, up to the longed-for moment when the master is produced. Page after page, the autor shares insights derived from many years of experience working in animation production companies around the World, as well as from her years of teaching and research. Specialists and neophytes alike will find within these pages answers to manyo f the questions that inevitable arise in the daily practice of the profession, and the book should become a Standard reference manual in the field. Because of the enthusiastic response from professionals who’ve previewed The Animation Process, an English edition is being prepared of the work, destined to become a “must have” for all who share a passion for the artistry and industry of animation.

El proceso de la Animación

Raquel Benítez Rojas

ISBN 0-9733158-0-6