Sports and Variety Series


2 Match Challenge is an exciting program that combines competition, entertainment and skill, based on the most popular sport in the world: Football.

8 teams of 2 players each face each other in different challenges starting a championship full of surprises.

Suspense and conflict among players are of the utmost importance. These factors add spice, increasing throughout the competition as an announcer humorously reports on the play. This combined with music and the game design creates a colourful, dynamic, entertaining, and ultramodern format, full of spontaneous situations that catches and immerses the television viewer in an action- packed competition.

  • Sports
  • 140 x 5 minutes
  • 28 x 30 minutes
Documentary Series

impfotoliva (1)The Great Environmental Hope explores how good ideas and a few people can and have changed the world. It’s a story about how technology, your health, your lifestyle choices and the environment are all interconnected. It presents the problems and the challenges we face and explores the latest and innovative solutions and answers to
critical environmental issues.

We talk to the renowned scientists such as Jane Goodall and environmentalists from around the world in the field working at their jobs, celebrities who have gone on the
environmental bandwagon and meet the ordinary people who have made changes on
a small and large scale.

Engaging, entertaining, fast-paced and intriguing, this series offers the viewer an
understanding of the issues and gives us renewed hope and ideas of what we as
individuals can do. This series goes beyond the ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ idea.

The series explores issues like climate change, pesticides, animal extinction and water supplies de-mystifying
scientific jargon and the complex issues that surround them. The facts will be presented in a clear and concise manner
broken down into easily digestible chunks with questions for the viewer to think about and try to solve or at least ponder
on his own.

In each episode wel feature local, national and international environmental issues, covering the following points:
The Problem, The Background: Cause and Effect, The Solutions and What You Can Do.


  • HD
  • Duration: 13 episodes 52 minutes
  • Version Available: English
Documentary Series

impfotoliva (2)Flavours of the Mediterranean is a documentary series that uses food to showcase the vibrant cultures and people who live around the Mediterranean.

We visit different countries and discover the things that make their inhabitants unique and also the similarities that all of them share. The first step however, to understand the Mediterranean culture is by its cuisine, its flavours, and its people.


  • Duration: 26 half hours episodes / 13 one hour episodes
  • Version Available: English