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Comet Entertainment Inc. is one of the fastest-growing entertainment content development and production companies in North America. Comet creates, designs, builds and delivers long and short form content.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, the company has satellite offices to maintain close relationships with networks internationally to write, develop, and produce programming.

We distribute and fund quality series, feature films and specials and work with leading producers making their dreams come true.

Comet Entertainment Inc. focuses on executive production, development and distribution. The integration of various media forms -such as television, theatre, film, home entertainment, publishing and many more- is one of the most remarkable features of the company.




Comet Entertainment Inc. is a true production company. Artistic talent is our foundation, and every Project begins with a traditional art process.While technology is used to enchance and enable production, projects are primarily driven by artistic and creative values. Our years of experience working in a variety of media formats ensure solid production in critical areas Duch as continuity, storytelling, style and visual quality.



Comet Entertainment Inc. is an independent distributor for the international market. Comet exploits TV, video, DVD Theatric rights worldwide extending its business interests to licensing, internet and publishing activities.

The company regularly attends NATPE, MIPTV, ANNECY, OIAF, LICENSING, MIPCOM, RED STICK, DISCOP, WORLD CONTENT MARKET, as well as other trade shows and international fairs.

We are also often involved in pre-selling shows.



Comet Entertainment Inc. is a market leader in full service film and tv production and distribution, offering these competitive advantages:

  • Seasoned management with many years experience in the industry;
  • Important co-production agreements;
  • Strategic alliances with other major reputable production studios;
  • World-class projects with a variety of contents: classical, white animation, anime, sit-com animation, documentaries and new styles;
  • A solid reputation for excellent working relationships with networks.

Comet Entertainment has a global concept of the industry, an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of production including a profitable revenue model. All productions are based on good marketable ideas, and a strong vision of merchandising and distribution.

Their range of animated concepts are timeless, will guarantee sales in many markets all over the world, and are easily adapted to different media such as video games and iTV.

The company delivers their unique creative vision to the screen, based on a strong foundation in classical art, graphic design, and narrative filmmaking.

Diverse but complementary skills are a hallmark of our creative team, which includes a highly imaginative story department and a gifted art department.

To grow and evolve with the ever-changing landscape of digital media, our professional management team and staff of world-class artists are constantly pushing the boundaries of production, while always keeping a careful watch on time and budget.

Our strengths lie in several key areas:

  • Proven knowledge in providing educational, entertaining and market-timed content
  • A team of leading content developers and producers showcasing storytelling, innovative content and expressive animation at its best.